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Krul Administration is a small company. As of 1989 it serves the interests of businesses and private clients in the field of accounting, taxes and financial matters. Confidentiality of data and circumstances is guaranteed. A proper administration is important for the client and third parties. It gives insight into the financial situation and possibilities. It prevents problems with cash flow, tax authorities and financial institutions .General and payment terms are applicable to all services and are registered at the Chamber of Commerce Haaglanden registration number 27124198.

The following services are provided.

– general administrative services
– accounting / bookkeeping services
– value added tax (VAT)
– salary accounts
– wage tax
– income tax
– consulting

You can contract out your administration completely or partially. There is a good working relationship with accountants, tax advisers, notaries and lawyers in the Netherlands, the Netherlands Antilles and worldwide. Feel free to contact Yvonne Krul for more information.